About Berly Brown


I build images examining how paint can describe diverse sensory stimuli. This springs from a desire to manifest interior sensations into visceral and visually tactile experiences for the viewer, suggesting multiple perspectives or layers of reality existing simultaneously and often in flux. I am interested in influencing the way a painting unfolds over time for the viewer, offering variable interpretations of initially recognizable narrative imagery. This emerges from a fascination with the extrapolation of meaning from experience. 

Process is just as important to me as product. Ideas are developed through drawing and collage.  Specific marks arise from a therapeutic process of flow, often induced by music. This extends into an act of storytelling through picture making—creating allegories that are visually rich, stimulating, and on occasion, overwhelming.

Influenced by personal history, spiritual/scientific themes, music, cartoons, and digital media, my paintings inform and expand on each other and I consider each as part of a larger canon or environment. I use multiple layers of paint material, ranging from liquid veils of acrylic and oil paint, to thick, sculptural application of gloss polymer, dry fillers, and glass beads. The glass beads create moments of reflective light that depend on the source, the amount of light available, and the viewers’ physical relationship to the work.